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September 20, 2010 / lyndieloop

Our Crocheted Shoes

My daughter and I have matching crocheted shoes now. Hers turned out really well, mine are okay, but see how I can improve on the fit and size and sole. I got the pattern from by Sylvia Schuchardt. She does a lot of nice shoe/slipper patterns. The bottoms are of hemp. This really gives your hands a work out, but its worth it. I had to grip my hook with my whole fist to pull it through. It was a mission of mine to finish these in 1 day, and I got burned out on it. I’m taking 2 weeks off from knitting and crocheting projects in order to focus on other important things like eating, and working out, and spending time with my family.

I actually received a little award for these slippers from the Pisgah Yarn & Dye company: 2 cones of the yarn of my choice. I chose baby blue and baby pink; two colors not available in stores around me.  The pattern is from Hook Candy.


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