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January 9, 2012 / lyndieloop

My Row Counting Bracelet

I ordered a bracelet off Etsy a few days back and got it in my mail last Saturday. It came in a pretty, Christmas-type box so it felt like I was getting a present in the mail! The bracelet is a counting bracelet and it comes with directions as to its use. There are 50 natural stone beads divided in 10-bead increments between small silver beads, and two rings of which one is showing in the center of it for this photo. Each time you count something you move the ring over a bead. I’ve used it for counting rows for knitting already, and I think it is a terrific little tool. In my mind, I’ve designated columns like an abacus: 1’s and 10’s, so that each time I finish 10 rows, I put the one ring back to the beginning and move the second ring up a notch in the 2nd 10-bead segment to represent 10 rows completed. There is a focal bead and dangle on the underside. If you want details, you can go here.
Today I am using it to count calories, only the first 10 bead segment I am calling the 10’s column while the remaining segments are 100’s. I am having a lot of fun with my bead bracelet. My 7-year old daughter even used it for counting. I think these bracelets would be good for kids. You could add a ring or two more for additional “columns”. She had so much fun and thought it was the coolest thing ever.


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