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February 7, 2012 / lyndieloop

Wool Felted Doll



This is a felted wool doll stuffed with wool roving. You can find the pattern here. It was knit in the round in one piece using size 2 double pointed needles and lots of patience. I would say it took me a little over a month to knit the doll, but I have a full time job and did much of it here and there. Sometimes though on weekends, I did put in 3 or 4 hours at a sitting while watching BBC mini series’ such as Bramwell, North & South, and the Catherine Cookson films off Netflix to make the time go faster. The body, before felting, was 26 inches and shrunk to 19 inches which is 27 percent. She is the size of a newborn. She sits on her own and has a butt shaped like a diaper, which I think is pretty cute.
The doll has heft, and if I weren’t a grown up I would want to carry her around. She is warm and feels good in my arms. I used 5 balls of Knitpicks Palette: 3 for the body and 2 for the hair; and 4 bags of roving to stuff her. I crocheted here little top in a Cotlin, and shoes in Bamboo & Ewe. I bothered to write what I did down, so I will provide an improvised pattern for the top and actual pattern for the shoes if people request it, otherwise I won’t bother. The top is more improvised as I went, but anyone can do that if they know how many to chain in the beginning and how big to make the arm holes.
Making the doll was a satisfying experience, and I learned how fun felting can be.



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