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September 22, 2013 / lyndieloop

Crocheted Petalline Dress

This is my daughter modeling the Pettalline Dress I made for her:


I learned a few new techniques found in this pattern which is especially why I decided to blog about it. The first thing I learned was how to join motifs as I went. The pattern was very clear on how to do this, and it made it look like one piece which appeals to me greatly in appearance.

Here is an example of putting two motifs together as I crocheted:


The other thing I learned was how to make tassels. Most people probably already know how to make them but I had never made a tassel before. It was also very easy to do and very fun.

For the pattern I decided on the large size which is a size 10. I also used one hook size larger. Both pattern size and going with the bigger hook were initially mistakes because the garment was too big for my 9 year old very thin, slight girl. I purchased the yarn used by the patternmaker and that was a very good call. Omega Trigo (100% cotton; 295 yd [270 m]/3.5 oz [100 g]): 5 balls. I really like this yarn, especially for crochet. Very soft and washes well, not fading. After it was finished I could really tell it was way too long and way too big in the bodice so I had to reduce stitches down for the bodice. It was also too long so I left off the border in the pattern at the bottom hem. I also changed the straps because I wanted them to be more sturdy and thicker since they have a one inch strap rule at her school. For the straps I alternated 2 rows single crochet and 2 rows double crochet. I started with 6 stitches and graduated to 4 stitches then back up to 6 for an hour glass shaped strap.

I put it in the wash on hot and dried on hot, and I got it to shrink up well. It held its color. I can’t recommend this yarn and beautiful pattern highly enough for anyone wanting to give it a shot.

Here are a few pics of the final product. As you can see we turned it into an actual dress and that’s just fine. A prime example of turning a crochet fail into a crochet win!





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