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January 31, 2014 / lyndieloop

Blouse Re-Do



I thought it might be a little fun to try my hand at redoing a shirt with crochet. I’ve seen it around awhile in the blogger sphere and Pinterest, and I have clothes I used to wear when I worked in a professional atmosphere, that I have no need for wearing now that I work from a home office.

Here is my first attempt at prettying up a plain, green blouse.

I cut off the sleeves, keeping the finished seam in tact, cut off the top and put two gathers in the front while gathering the back. I then made a square of four 2-inch squares using #10 crochet thread and a size 1 steel hook and sewed it on. I did not use my sewing machine to do it. I took the blouse off and on to make sure I had the neck and back lines right.

It took minimum sewing and crochet skills while at the same time being a satisfying result.

Below is the square I used. I took off the last few rows because I needed a smaller square.



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