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July 9, 2017 / lyndieloop

Bonbon the Gray

imageLet me start by saying this wasn’t hard if you know how to knit in the round.  I learned to knit in the round by watching YouTube.

This little guy took 5 days off and on to make. I enjoy knitting or crocheting things with techniques new to me, and while I have made several stuffed softies, this one has no seaming at all. It is done in the round with the legs, arms, tail, ears all knitted in as you go. The body and head are one piece, no sewing on the head.  The head is sturdy, no wobble.

I tried my hand at crocheted eyes.  This is just two offset circles in black and blue with an embroidered shine in the middle.  This is something I can see getting better at.  There are lots of crocheted eyes to view on Pinterest that the experts have done. Ever searched Amigurami on there?  It would take a few weeks just to finish the detail on one shoe for some of those Ami dolls!  They took it up a notch with some of those creations.  Maybe 10 notches!

Bonbon here, is the perfect size for a baby; not too big to hold.  Used Worsted weight and 3.75 needles.

The pattern is Bonbon by Susan Claudino if anyone wants to give it a try.


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