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September 7, 2017 / lyndieloop

Knitted Receiving Blanket Free Pattern

This blanket will be wrapped as a gift tonight, and for memory’s sake I want to say a few words:  I have taken this blanket out of the drawer countless times to squish it and hug it. It is the softest baby blanket, and I believe, the prettiest I’ve made.  

To make sure it was extra soft, I washed and dried it, then washed it again, soaking it with some good smelling conditioner (Suave Cherry Blossom) in the washer before giving its final wash.  I bought the Suave for this purpose, and in this fragrance, suggested from reviews I read on line, and made this acrylic blanket without a squeak in sight. Pure Bliss. 

The yarn is sport thickness, which I strongly suggest for a lighter style blanket. The size is a tad bit bigger than a standard Receiving Blanket. Not on purpose, but it is just right.  Bernat Baby Sport in Antique White Big Ball. 
Here is the Receiving Blanket pattern if someone runs across this blog and likes it enough to make it.  The yarn was under $7.00 with a coupon and just needed the one big ball with some left over.  Softens up like a dream if you do it right.  If you can’t open Ravelry links because you are not a member, send me your email address and I will email you a copy. I put this pattern on there about a month ago, and just one person so far has decided to actually start making it.  Maybe there are so many other beautiful ones to choose from this one is but one of thousands. 

Presently as far as I know, the recipient is getting a one of a kind!


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  1. jo creates / Sep 7 2017 11:21 pm

    that is so beautiful! I’m not sure I have the patience to knit a blanket though! 😊

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