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March 24, 2018 / lyndieloop

Boxes of Flowers Throw



I made this crochet throw from Brava worsted yarn I purchased from It is a traditional square with flower center. I grouped 4 squares into quads, and crocheted all around 4 times in different colors before joining. The whole blanket was joined as I went.  As you can see, I used plenty of colors.

I have no pattern for this blanket, but if anyone wants to create something like it or has any questions about what I did, I will be happy to answer.  It was very simple, even beginner level.

I got this idea off of Pinterest.  Somewhere there is a pin on there that looks similar to this layout, but the pin did not link to any particular pattern.

I selected two main colors, that being Denim and Tranquility, 4 -100 gram balls of each color.  Then I bought 2 of the dark plum color since I used it to go around each square.  For the rest of the colors, I bought 1 each.  I used Avocado around 2 of the flowers in the middle of each square, and Tranquility for the other two within each square, to try and be consistent.




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