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November 25, 2016 / lyndieloop

Handmade stitchmarkers

My sister, Karen, made these for me.   Whenever I am knitting, and run across them, it makes me feel happy.  That is all I had to say today.   Just feeling happy thoughts for those I love. 

July 3, 2015 / lyndieloop

Crocheted Back Sack Free Pattern

I wanted a medium sized pack for my back that wasn’t too big or small, and would expand, was comfortable on the shoulders, and of course hand made.   This is not a huge back sack like it looks. To me, it is the perfect size and sits nicely between the shoulder blades without feeling too heavy.

I made a Free pattern for it.  If you can’t open it and you want it, I will email it to you.

Chevron Bag
It is a chevron bag with some of the Chrevron rows using a long double crochet to rows beneath in order to add some texture and uniqueness.
This pack will look cute with a little in it or a lot.  In this photo it has some yarn in it to fluff it out a bit.

Here it is stuffed with a few sweatshirts on top of the yarn to fill it up more. It could even hold more if you wanted.


See the back? Since it isn’t fill up, it will just lay against you.

When it is full, the back of the pack looks like this. The bottom is now truly on the bottom. I added a few sweatshirts to it to fluff it out more:

March 24, 2015 / lyndieloop

Sunshine Blanket

Have you ever had a project you stuffed away because you got tired of it? This was it for me. There is something about granny squares I find endless, and I tend to give up from just getting tired of doing the same thing.  

As a result, I stuffed the squares away in a drawer, unfinished for 3 years. I didn’t feel like whip stitching it all together. Every time I would open the drawer and see it in there I would feel the burden of an unfinished project where I spent all that money on yarn, and where I couldn’t remember which hook size I used.  Well, I finally pulled it out and finished it up just for the sake of it. I used Shine Sport by Knitpicks, for anyone who wonders. The yarn is soft, and pretty. 

This is a free granny square found which a lot of you are probably familiar with.  It is the Sunny Spread free pattern.    

I’m pleased with how it turned out.  The border is supposed to look like interlocking rings. Don’t ask where I found that. I have long since lost it, and it has gone far, far away. 

I highly suggest the square, especially if you want a more solid look to your blanket. 



The photo below is kind of an ugly photo, but I am including it so you can see the border, which I thought was pretty neat. 


October 18, 2014 / lyndieloop

Felting Sleeping Beauty

I have been trying my hand at felting. Felting is where you take little felting needles and stab wool into shapes. I got an idea from Pinterest to use the Altoid box, and made a tiny girl from wool with felting needles. I hand sewed a nighty from sheer material and crocheted a blanket. I stuffed the pillow with a little wool and crocheted around it. Glued fabric to the other side. That other side, though not pictured here, now has a window, a clock made from a button, and dresser to make it look like a bedroom. When I am done with the bedroom side and refining sleeping beauty a little more, I will add another pic.

edit:  attached completed project. 



February 1, 2014 / lyndieloop

Crochet. NOT Knit

My husband calls my crochet, knitting all the time. At first I gave him a pass, but come on. How many times must you correct someone until you finally just let them call it knitting? I’ve reached that point. He likes calling it knitting.


January 31, 2014 / lyndieloop

Blouse Re-Do



I thought it might be a little fun to try my hand at redoing a shirt with crochet. I’ve seen it around awhile in the blogger sphere and Pinterest, and I have clothes I used to wear when I worked in a professional atmosphere, that I have no need for wearing now that I work from a home office.

Here is my first attempt at prettying up a plain, green blouse.

I cut off the sleeves, keeping the finished seam in tact, cut off the top and put two gathers in the front while gathering the back. I then made a square of four 2-inch squares using #10 crochet thread and a size 1 steel hook and sewed it on. I did not use my sewing machine to do it. I took the blouse off and on to make sure I had the neck and back lines right.

It took minimum sewing and crochet skills while at the same time being a satisfying result.

Below is the square I used. I took off the last few rows because I needed a smaller square.


January 19, 2014 / lyndieloop

Ideas for Organizing A Yarn Stash

For quite awhile I have been contemplating how to organize all my yarn. For a few years now I have been moving it from here to there and back to here, but it did not make the mess look any better. My sister sent me a photo of her organized craft closet, which further inspired me to do something about my mess. Well, it just so happens I walked by this organizer at Costco. It was $99.99 and fits all my yarn. It is made from a nice, heavy wood and comes with those canvas drawers. Now how can you beat that? How do they even sell it for that? It feels so good to have it all put away! What a good way to start 2014. I am off to a wonderful start.